Niccolò Guasti
Romit and Walter

Romitendra and Walter made it real.

They gather their Indian and Puerto Rican families with friends from all over the world.

For them, they selected the smartest and magnificent locations that Seville can offer, such as the Alcazar and Pilate’s house, and prepare their guests such an elaborated and astonishing reception from the meticulous preparation of cocktails and menus, to the selection of wines, through lights and decorations.
To me, it was a special story to tell. I really felt privileged to assist a same-sex union between two men that while were committing one to another, were constantly breaking cultural barriers. Sitting in front of the Mac, while listening to the news that the US court legalized same-sex wedding, I remind what an Indian cousins of Romit told me during the ceremony: “You’re attending something historical, something impossible In Calcutta. I thought that this was not possible at all!”.
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